What Suffix Means Process Of Viewing?

What is the suffix for process?


Suffix meaning action or process; product or thing; state or quality of; concrete result, object, or agent of a (specifed) action.


What is the suffix for removal?

The suffix -ectomy means “surgical removal of.” When you see -ectomy at the end of any term, no matter how long or how difficult or confusing the first part of the word is, it means surgical removal of something. … Salpingo is the root word referring to the fallopian tube; oophoro is the root word for ovary.

What is the suffix that means narrowing?

Terms in this set (43) -stenosis. Abnormal narrowing. -tripsy.

Which suffix means capable of?

-able. suffix meaning capable of, able to.

Which suffix means pain or suffering?

algia-algia means pain and suffering.

What suffix means sensation?

-esthesia. suffix meaning sensation, feeling. … The suffix for this is ‘-ium’.

What suffix means viewing?


Which suffix means seizure?

antiepileptic. Suffix and its meaning: -ic pertaining to. Prefix and its meaning: anti- against. Combining form and its meaning: epilept/o- seizure.

Which suffix means surgical puncture?

centesiscentesis. a suffix meaning a surgical puncture to remove fluid for diagnostic purposes, or to remove excess fluid.