What Is The Meaning Of Connecting Link?

Connecting link is an organism having characteristics of two different group of organisms e.g, duck-billed platypus ( scientific name Ornithorhynchus anatinus) is a connecting link between reptiles and mammals i.e, it has mammary glands to feed its young ones like other mammals e.g human being, cow, buffalo etc., and ….

researches on the wormlike organism Peripatus, which he recognized as the zoologically important connecting link between the Annelida, or segmented worms, and the Arthropoda, such as crabs, spiders, and insects.

Lungs fishes, e.g., Protopterus, Lepidosiren, and Neoceratodus are considered the connecting links between the fishes and amphibians. 5. Egg laying mammals; example duck billed Platypus (Ornithorhynchus) and spiny ant eater (Echidna) a connecting link between reptiles and mammals.

The living animals which possess characters of two different groups of animals are known as connecting links. … On the other hand, missing links are those extinct organisms which had the characters of two different groups of animals.

Tortoise is member of order Testudines under phylum Chordata and exhibits typical characters of its taxa i.e., it does not serve as connecting link between any two groups.

ArchaeopteryxArchaeopteryx is known to be a communicating connection between reptiles and birds because it looks like a bird and has bird wings. The teeth and tail, however, are closer to those of reptiles. Since it implies that birds evolved from reptiles. Therefore Archaeopteryx links reptiles and birds.