What Drugs Can Cause PML?

How does PML start?

PML is a severe brain inflammation resulting from reactivation of latent infection with the JC virus.

The latter is extremely common and causes no symptomatic disease in most people.

However, it can become dangerously active in individuals with suppression of certain aspects of their immune function..

How do you get PML virus?

PML is caused by an infection called the John Cunningham (JC) virus. PML may be rare, but the JC virus is quite common. In fact, up to 85 percent of adults in the general population have the virus. You can get the JC virus at any time in your life, but most of us are infected during childhood.

How do you prevent PML?

Can PML be prevented? It is unclear how the JC virus is transmitted, so currently there are no ways to prevent infection. However, the best way to prevent PML disease is by keeping the immune system healthy. This includes starting HIV treatment before the immune system becomes impaired.

Can you recover from PML?

There is no cure for PML but one-year survival has increased from 10% to 50% in HIV-infected individuals treated with highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART).

How long do you live with PML?

It is often fatal, with a median life expectancy of less than six months following onset of symptoms [1]. Reports of PML afflicting immunocompetent patients are extremely rare but not unknown.

Is PML reversible?

When PML results from reversible immunosuppression, as in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) who are receiving monoclonal antibodies, the immediate cessation of the offending agent is recommended.