Quick Answer: What Is The Connecting Link Between Plants And Animals?

Which is known as Green protozoa?



Colonies of Volvox globator contain thousands of individual cells.

Each cell usually has two flagella that propel it through substances such as water.

Volvox may be classified as a green alga in the division Chlorophyta or as a flagellated protozoan in the order Volvocales..

How does euglena resemble plants and animals?

Euglena is a large genus of unicellular protists: they have both plant and animal characteristics. All live in water, and move by means of a flagellum. This is an animal characteristic. Most have chloroplasts, which are characteristic of algae and plants.

Connecting link is an organism having characteristics of two different group of organisms e.g, duck-billed platypus ( scientific name Ornithorhynchus anatinus) is a connecting link between reptiles and mammals i.e, it has mammary glands to feed its young ones like other mammals e.g human being, cow, buffalo etc., and …

Neopilina is the connecting link between Annelida and Mollusca.

What is the difference between connecting link and Missing Link?

The living animals which possess characters of two different groups of animals are known as connecting links. … On the other hand, missing links are those extinct organisms which had the characters of two different groups of animals.

Duck Bill Playtipus: It is a connecting link between reptiles and Mammals. It possess charecters of reptiles and Mammals.

Is euglena a plant or an animal?

Euglena, genus of more than 1,000 species of single-celled flagellated (i.e., having a whiplike appendage) microorganisms that feature both plant and animal characteristics. Found worldwide, Euglena live in fresh and brackish water rich in organic matter and can also be found in moist soils.

Lungfish ProtopterusOption A: Lungfish Protopterus is a connecting link between fishes and amphibians. It has the characteristics of both the fishes and amphibians in them.

Viruses are regarded as the connecting link between the living and non-living things as they possess living as well as non-living characters.

Which one of the following is a protozoan disease?

Many of the most prevalent and deadly human diseases are caused by a protozoan infection, including African Sleeping Sickness, amoebic dysentery, and malaria.

Which of the protozoan is considered as connecting link between plants and animals?

EuglenaComplete answer: The protozoan which is considered as the connecting link between plants and animals is Euglena.

Is Euglena viridis a plant or animal?

Euglena are neither plants nor animals despite the fact that they have characteristics of both. Given that they cannot be groups under either the plant or the animal kingdom, Euglena, like many other similar single celled organisms are classified under the Kingdom Protista.

Which of the following is an example for connecting link species?

Lungs fishes, e.g., Protopterus, Lepidosiren, and Neoceratodus are considered the connecting links between the fishes and amphibians. 5. Egg laying mammals; example duck billed Platypus (Ornithorhynchus) and spiny ant eater (Echidna) a connecting link between reptiles and mammals.

Archaeopteryx is known to be a communicating connection between reptiles and birds because it looks like a bird and has bird wings. The teeth and tail, however, are closer to those of reptiles. Since it implies that birds evolved from reptiles. Therefore Archaeopteryx links reptiles and birds.

Thought to have begun to diverge from other mammals 170m years ago, the platypus has been regarded as the nearest thing biologists have to a missing link between the earliest reptiles and mammals.