Are UV Lights Necessary For AC Units?

How much does it cost to install UV light in HVAC?

The cost of UV lights depends on the type of system that you choose.

On average, the most common types for air ducts and coils UV lights can cost anywhere from $80-$125.

The lower- cost ones use one lamp, and the higher, two.

The air sterilizing UV lights usually include an additional air filter..

Do HVAC UV lights really work?

UV lights are effective, but they work in a specific range. They’ll kill organic growths, such as mold or bacteria, but they have no effect on dust, pet dander or other allergens. … UV lights are particularly effective in humid climates, where evaporator coils can easily get wet.

Does UV light kill mold in ducts?

UV lights in the air handler will largely prevent mold from growing on the coil. Sometimes HVAC professionals recommend UV light for AC to be placed in the ductwork as well as the air handler. In the ducts, the lights neutralize the mold spores that pass through them.

What does UV light do in AC?

UV light destroy microbes in air conditioners. The lights are installed in your ductwork or near the AC coil, and they destroy microbes like mold, bacteria, fungi, mildew, mold spores and viruses in the line-of-sight of the UV bulb.

Are UV air purifiers worth it?

These air purifiers are an excellent substitute for conventional units, but there are still some flaws to the ultraviolet technology. While UV air purifiers can eliminate many of those harmful microorganisms in your home, they will not kill every particle.

Where is the best place to install a UV light in HVAC?

The best location to install a UV light if in the A-shape is above, center, and downstream of the coil. This allows the A/C ultraviolet light to shine the most amount of light on the coil, while killing some of the airborne microbes. The second best location is below the evaporator coil (if there is room).